Board Support Squad

How do you hold the executive to account when it comes to Data Protection? How do you stress test the effectiveness of the data protection policies and procedures embedded in the organisation? What is your risk appetite, bearing in mind the impact of any regulatory action could have on the organisation, including the impact of any fines?


The Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner is offering a limited number of board room support sessions to help boards and NEDs navigate the data protection landscape; helping you to understand both board and manager data protection risks and responsibilities.


This is an opportunity to work with the subject matter experts in a safe space to stress test the data protection practices in your organisation, and identify the risks before they are realised.


See details below as to how to arrange your meeting.


Non-Executive Director Toolkit


How does the Board Support Squad work?

  1. The JOIC Support Team will need 45 minutes of your time.
  2. Send an email to Anne King, Operations Director, indicating your interest in us attending a meeting with an intended date and time.
  3. We then send you a pre-meeting information pack for your NEDs and directors. The pack includes a short confidential questionnaire – the questions delve into data protection understanding as a NED/Company Director. Please note these sessions can be hosted for one organisation, or, if preferred a groups of professionals who may be from various organisations and are open to collaborating.
  4. The board support squad meeting is your opportunity to explore the practical tips and to understand the answers you would expect from your team.
  5. We will send a follow up confirmation of our attendance along with suggested areas of focus.