Right to data portability - Sample Letter

[Your full address]
[Your phone number]
[Your email address]

[The date]

[Data Protection Officer / Data Protection Lead]
[Name of the organisation]
[Address of the organisation]

[Reference/account number (if applicable)]

Dear [Sir or Madam / name of the person you have been in contact with]

Right to data portability

I would like to exercise my right to data portability under Article 34 of the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018.

[State what you want, do you want a copy of the personal information held by the company or do you want your personal information transferred to another company, where technically feasible, without hindrance from the company currently holding your data?]

My right to data portability applies to personal information that:

• is held electronically, and
• I have provided to your organisation.

Personal information I have provided does not just mean information I have typed in, such as username or email address. It may include personal information your organisation has gathered from monitoring my activity when I have used a device or service. This may include:

• website or search usage history
• traffic and location data, or
• ‘raw’ data processed by connected objects such as smart meters and wearable devices. An example of this could be data recorded on a fitness app.

I am able to exercise my right to data portability if you rely on my consent to use my personal information, or you use my personal information as part of the contract I have with you.

Information should be provided to me in a way that is accessible and machine-readable, for example as a csv file.

Please send a full response within 4 weeks of receipt of my letter. If you cannot respond within that timescale, please tell me when you will be able to respond.

If there is anything you would like to discuss, please contact me (state your preferred means of communication).

If you need advice on dealing with this request, the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner can assist you. There is guidance on the website at www.jerseyoic.org or you can call them on 01534 716530.

Yours faithfully / sincerely,