Annual Report 2021

It is my pleasure on behalf of the Jersey Data Protection Authority to present to the Minister and members of the States Assembly our Annual Report for 2021. This fulfils our statutory obligation under Article 44 of the Data Protection Authority (Jersey) Law 2018.

In last year’s report, I spoke of the extraordinary challenges 2020 brought as we attempted to navigate the previously unchartered waters of a global pandemic. There is no doubt that in the midst of a global crisis, data sharing for the public good is of paramount importance. However, such processing should not be at the expense of privacy. Governments, organisations and Data Protection Authorities such as ours have a shared responsibility to ensure privacy is considered throughout the data processing lifecycle and individuals are afforded the fundamental right of data protection. Data Protection Authorities cannot and should not be expected to do it alone.

Looking ahead, we will continue to strengthen our infrastructure and strategic capabilities with investment and focus on three key areas: enhancing the resilience and reporting capabilities of our technology infrastructure, continued development of our supervision and oversight activities and the development of a data stewardship regulatory framework in collaboration with other agencies and industry stakeholders in support of Jersey’s aspiration to be a leading jurisdiction for data trusts.

Jacob Kohnstamm, Chairman, Jersey Data Protection Authority.

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