Annual Report 2022

On behalf of the Jersey Data Protection Authority, it is once again my pleasure to present our Annual Report for 2022. This fulfils our statutory obligation under Article 44 of the DPAJL.

In my last report, I noted the continued growth of the office that supports the Authority’s mandate and why this is critical to aid our understanding of the complexities of emerging technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) and the challenges they bring to privacy and data protection. I am pleased to report that the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner (JOIC) has strengthened its team to increase depth in its engagement and regulatory policy development capabilities.

My thanks go to fellow Authority members and the entire JOIC team for another year of outstanding achievements. We look forward to welcoming our new Authority members in 2023 and building upon the data protection foundations we have established to support the development of our regulatory sandbox and explore further engagement and technology-led innovations for Jersey in the years to come.

Jacob Kohnstamm, Chairman, Jersey Data Protection Authority.

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