Authority Meeting 17 August 2020


Authority Meeting

09:00 – 12:30 17 August 2020

Chairman Present:

Jacob Kohnstamm

Voting Members Present:

Gailina Liew

David Smith

Clarisse Girot

Paul Routier MBE

Helen Hatton



Non - Voting Members Present:

Dr Jay Fedorak – Information Commissioner

In Attendance:

Paul Vane -  Deputy Information Commissioner

Anne King  - Communications and Operations Manager

Adrian Hayes - Compliance and Enforcement Manager

Claire Le Brun – Finance Manager

Sarah Moorhouse – Communications Officer [Notetaker]

Guest Speaker

No guest speaker









Call to order and agenda approved.

Agenda approved.


Board approved minutes;

·         24 April 2020


Sub-committee Terms of Reference discussed later in meeting.

Minutes approved.


Board Governance, Operations and Procedures






































Meeting Dates.

Dates for 2021 to tie in with statutory deadlines.



Preparation of Accounts and Audit 2018/19 Accounts.

The Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee recommended the 2018 audited accounts to be approved by the Authority.

The Authority approved the 2018 audited accounts via email on 21 July 2020.

2019 Audited Accounts - Finance Manager is expecting confirmation of 2019 accounts from auditors imminently. Audited accounts to be reviewed by Audit & Risk Committee for actions by the Authority.


Committee Updates & Terms of Reference

The role, function and proportionality of the Committees were discussed. It was agreed the committees are to act in an advisory capacity to the Authority, and have no delegated powers.

Committee Terms of Reference to be redrafted to ensure they are fit for purpose, proportionate and relevant.

 As the Committees have an advisory role it was agreed that minutes of sub-committee meetings are not required to be published on the website, as the full Authority minutes will reflect all decisions and actions.


Audit & Risk Committee (ARC)

Priorities approved by the Authority.

The Authority approved the Chair of ARC’s recommendation to recruit an additional off-island Authority member to ARC. David Smith to join ARC.


Governance Committee

Gailina Liew is to Chair Governance committee. The Governance Committee is to lead on the recruitment of the new Information Commissioner. Candidate brief to be updated.  


Remuneration Committee

Paul Routier to Chair Remuneration Committee.



JOIC to send proposed dates for 2021 to Authority.





















Deputy Commissioner to redraft and submit to the committees and then the Authority.






Remuneration Committee minutes to be spellchecked by JOIC and recirculated.


Public Statement



Deputy Commissioner presented the details of a case for the Authority to consider whether a public statement was warranted in accordance with article 14 of the Data Protection Authority Law.


The Authority agreed:

·         That it should issue a Public Statement.

·         Deputy Commissioner should make specific amendments to the draft statement.

·         The appropriate case worker should inform the complainant of the intention to issue the statement.


The Authority identified the occasion of the issuing of the Public Statement as an opportunity to highlight in a news release and elsewhere the data protection requirements for all Government departments that routinely publish submissions from the public.




JOIC Update


























Business Plan Performance

Deputy Commissioner, Communications and Operations Manager and Compliance and Enforcement Manager presented the measurement model and plans in the delivery of the strategic outcomes.


Performance Statistics/Case Data

The Communications and Operations Manager highlighted the key points of the Quarter 2 (2020) performance statistics.


Financial Performance.

The Authority discussed the financial reports particularly with reference to the Government grant.


Discussion about Government grant and expenditure.




Team and People Update.
Deputy Commissioner provided update on staffing and recruitment. Recruitment for a Junior Caseworker and a Communications and Operations Assistant set to commence early September. JOIC also reviewing the requirements and suitability of a policy role.


‘Issues of the Day’.

While the agenda included a provision for discussing a series of current issues, the Authority decided to postpone the discussion to a later date.












Commissioner to prepare a briefing memo for the meeting between the Chair and the Group Director responsible for digital policy concerning the grant surplus.






JOIC to arrange.

a 1 hour and 30 minute time slot for Authority to discuss.



Looking after our Authority. How are we doing?

The Communications & Operations Manager suggested that it is timely for us to review how JOIC management team are looking after the Authority in terms of communication, quality of information, meeting experience and interaction with JOIC.


Communications and Operations Manager to send performance survey to Authority.


Other Business – No other business. The meeting closed at 12:30.



Authority ‘In Camera’ Session

The Governance Committee held a discussion in the absence of the Information Commissioner and staff.