Authority Meeting 19 February 2021

Authority Meeting

14:00 – 16:00 19 February 2021

Chairman Present:

Gailina Liew (Acting Chair)

Voting Members Present:

David Smith

Clarisse Girot

Paul Routier MBE

Helen Hatton


Jacob Kohnstamm

Non - Voting Members Present:

Dr Jay Fedorak – Information Commissioner

In Attendance:

Paul Vane -  Deputy Information Commissioner

Anne King  - Communications and Operations Manager & Notetaker

Adrian Hayes - Compliance and Enforcement Manager

Claire Le Brun – Finance Manager

Guest Speaker

No guest speaker








Call to order. The Acting Chair confirmed that the meeting agenda has been organised into two separate agendas as the Authority Chair will be in attendance on the 26 February and sends his apologies for today’s meeting.

Agendas approved.



The Acting Chair requested that the 5 sets of minutes as listed on the agenda are updated to reflect Authority members’ comments and posted on SharePoint for review in preparation for meeting on 26 February 2021.

Minutes to be updated.


Board Governance, Operations and Procedures



































































Committee Updates

Governance Committee

At the recent Governance Committee meeting on 5 February it was agreed to establish a work plan:

1.    Authority and Individual Authority Members evaluation.

·         2021 and 2022 Self-assessment.

·         2023 external assessment.

2.    Terms of Reference – working with the other committee chairs the ToR will be based on Institute of Chartered Secretaries (ICSA) templates. The ICSA templates incorporate Government codes. The committees will adopt a simplified version to ensure full governance across the committees.

3.    The Governance Committee updated the skills matrix for the Authority and asked the Audit and Risk Committee if an individual with formal accountancy qualifications is required as part of the Authority. 

4.    Continuing development for Authority Members – the Governance Committee propose guest speakers attend Authority meetings to understand their industry intersection with data protection, to learn more about developments in other fields and for them to understand more about the JDPA/JOIC.

5.    Hosting a data flows workshop – the Governance Committee are reviewing the workshop initiative.


Audit & Risk Committee (ARC)

The ARC Chair reported that the accounts preparation is underway, with an audit plan expected shortly. The ARC will meet with the auditors to review the plan.


The ARC has made a recommendation to include the expertise of an accountant as an Authority Voting Members. Until this time the ARC will co-opt a specialist to attend committee meetings to support the JOIC and the Authority. The specialist should have experience in Government financial rules and be a source of good financial advice.


The draft risk matrix was discussed and work is continuing on the matrix.


Remuneration and Human Resources Committee 

The Committee having previously considered Authority Members remuneration recalled that the full Authority decided to await the outcome of the external review which would take into consideration the current work load of the Chairman and Authority Members together with the responsibilities of Sub Committee Chairs.


The Sub Committee confirmed the final salary and benefits package for the successful candidate for the new Commissioner who will take up his appointment on 1st July 2021.



Commissioner Recruitment

The Authority were presented with a summary recruitment document. The document highlighted that the process was conducted robustly, followed fair process and attracted a strong field of candidates.


Members discussed data protection issues relating to the use of the PinPoint system. The Authority will provide feedback to PinPoint.


The Authority members also discussed that the JDPA/JOIC SharePoint platform use be clearly defined:

1.    What should be kept on SharePoint

2.    Items not to be kept on SharePoint.


Members Terms of Office

In light of conflicting end of term dates for Authority members it was agreed that the Information Commissioner request that the Minister issues revised letters of engagement.




















































Governance Chair to report back to PinPoint.


JOIC to cleanse SharePoint following  clarification from the Governance Committee.



Information Commissioner to liaise with Government.


Government Grant & Legal Reserve

Item postponed until 26 February 2021





JOIC Update




















































Annual Report Update.

The Communications & Operations Manager advised the Authority that a draft of the 2020 Annual Report will be with them by the 26 February for their review, via SharePoint.


Business Plan 2020/2021 Performance.

The Communications and Operations Manager presented a brief review of progress in selected business plan deliverables.


Performance Statistics/Case Data.

The Communications and Operations Manager gave a high level summary of case data. The Authority discussed the registrations target and the likelihood of achieving the number by the end of February.


In light of the Pandemic we expect to see a slight decline in registrations with some organisations ceasing trading. Under these circumstances the Authority discussed the responsibility of the records of personal information. It was agreed to review all the registrations which remain available for renewal as at the 28/02/2021 to identify particular categories of non-renewal.


The Acting Chair requested documentation responsibility be added to the log for future amendments.


The Authority requested revisions as to how some of the data is presented.   


A discussion followed regarding the case investigation and closure procedure and visual representation for the Authority.



Appeal Update and Discussion

Item postponed until 26 February 2021


2021 Budget including the forecast for the whole year and our financial situation to date.

Item postponed until 26 February 2021


2020 Financial Performance – Finance Manager [Filenames- 2020 Financial Summary.

Item postponed until 26 February 2021


‘Q4 2020 Issues and Accomplishments’ the leadership team will briefly review the issues in Q4 and highlight the planned activities in Q1 & Q2 2021.

Item postponed until 26 February 2021



Future Structure – Information Commissioner & Deputy Commissioner.

Item postponed until 26 February 2021


























The Communications and Operations Manager to review.





Other Business – No other business. The meeting closed at 16:00



Authority ‘In Camera’ Session

The Governance Committee held a discussion in the absence of the Information Commissioner and staff.