Authority Meeting 24 April 2020

Authority Meeting

15:00 – 17:00 24 April 2020

Chairman Present:

Jacob Kohnstamm

Voting Members Present:

Gailina Liew

David Smith

Clarisse Girot

Paul Routier MBE

Helen Hatton



Non- Voting Members Present:

Dr Jay Fedorak – Information Commissioner

In Attendance:

Paul Vane -  Deputy Data Protection Commissioner

Anne King  - Communications and Operations Manager [& Note taker]

Adrian Hayes - Compliance and Enforcement Manager

Claire Le Brun – Finance Manager  

Guest Speaker

No guest speaker








Call to order, virtual meeting protocols and agenda approved.


Agenda approved


Board approved minutes;

·         20 January 2020


Minutes approved.


Board Governance, Operations and Procedures



Committee Updates  - Committee Chairs

It was agreed to arrange dates for the three sub committees to meet. Clarisse Girot is to be included in the Governance Sub-Committee.

1.    Remuneration Committee (to meet annually)

a.    Paul Routier

b.    Jacob Kohnstamm

c.    Finance Manager

2.    Governance Committee

a.    Jacob Kohnstamm

b.    Gailina Liew

c.    Information Commissioner

d.    Clarisse Girot

3.    Audit & Risk Committee

a.    Helen Hatton

b.    Gailina Liew

c.    Information Commissioner

d.    Deputy Information Commissioner

e.    Finance Manager


Sub-Committee updates to be presented at the August Authority Meeting.



Sub-Committee’s to arrange meeting dates.


Sub-Committee minutes to be published on JOIC website.













Sub-Committee updates to be presented at the August Authority Meeting.


Preparation of Accounts and Audit 2018/19

The audit for both years has taken longer than anticipated, as access to our financial information held in Government of Jersey has been very slow.

Draft accounts currently being drafted.






Public Statement Review



JOIC were encouraged that the entity took the investigation seriously, they updated their IT systems, thanked JOIC for support and achieved ISO 27001.

The entity responded by saying that they ‘hope everyone learns from our mistakes.’

The Authority praised the JOIC team for their professional approach and good result.




JOIC UpdateFinancial Performance



The Finance Manager confirmed that although the revenue target was exceeded, we still had £200k of credits to return to organisations in relation to renewals that covered part of the 2020 registration period prior to the change in system.

It was noted that the Government of Jersey grant is delayed as the Government wants to review JOIC accounts.

It was noted that following the first year of the new registrations and charges system the preparation of financial information in relation to applying for the grant will be more timely.












Revenue Model



The new model was introduced successfully and in the main received positively.

JOIC achieved projected registration and financial targets. The advertising, workshops, one to one help and media presence all helped to achieved the required level of ‘new’ registrations alongside renewals.

There are just over 20,000 administered companies registered.

The Deputy Commissioner thanked the team.

The Commissioner & Deputy Commissioner are liaising with the Finance Industry to resolve any concerns they had. JOIC has produced a specific finance registrations question and answer guide.

JOIC will evaluate where there are gaps in registrations amongst industry sectors and follow up, incorporating this into a wider JOIC visits & audit programme. However, the current Covid-19 lockdown has had an impact on these plans.


It was noted that it is likely we will see a drop in 2021 registrations as sadly some businesses will not survive Covid_19.

Authority members discussed the current numbers of registrations with regard to:

·         Charities

·         Number of administered companies

·         Low levels in certain sectors





Authority Expenditure in Light of Covid



The Authority discussed areas in which the Covid crisis was likely to result in decreased expenditure or increased expenditure.


While there would be decreases in areas like travel, there could be increases required to deal with data protection issues resulting from initiatives to deal with the pandemic.


It was agreed for the Commissioner to draft a letter to Government to detail the Authority views.








Commissioner to draft a letter for the Authority to review.


JOIC Update



Annual Report

The Communications & Operations Manager noted comments from the Authority on the draft 2019 Annual Report. The timescales and deadlines were highlighted.


To send the 2019 Annual Report to Government by the 31 March 2020


Performance Statistics/Case Data

The statistics were reviewed, although the level of detail is improving they need greater clarity in presentation.


Statistics presentation to be improved.


Case Study Review

Compliance and Enforcement Manager detailed some of the challenges of current investigations.




Staffing Update

The Authority requested that JOIC document:

·         decision making scenarios if any members of JOIC become ill with Covid-19.

·         back to work scenarios, resilience and business continuity.




‘Issues of the Day’

The Authority discussed the issues of the day paper.




Enforcement Strategy Update

The Chair thanked all those involved in compiling the strategy.

Additional Authority comments are to be included in the strategy.

Authority members requested that the strategy is published on the JOIC website.




Any other business

The Authority members thanked the team for copies of news & press articles.  The article regarding data protection being a barrier to voluntary organisations was discussed.


Track & tracing was discussed and the Authority agreed they would like to know more and it was suggested that Singapore is a good role model to watch closely. Clarisse Girot will send further information to the Commissioners.











Board ‘In Camera’ Session

The Board held a discussion in the absence of the Information Commissioner and staff.