Know your Data

On the 26th November the Information Commissioner, speaking at a Jersey Data Protection Association event, highlighted that a data inventory is an essential part of any businesses ‘good’ data protection program. This simple message has been reinforced by both Professor Roberts from Oxford University, a specialist in Artificial Intelligence [AI], and Julian Box CEO of Calligo at their Transform AI conference on the 27th November.

Professor Roberts urged businesses to ‘think more carefully about the data they are collecting as well as how and why they are collecting it’, Julian Box says ‘local businesses are not giving enough thought to how they are using data’.

Powerful messages focusing on a very real practical business essential. How can you protect your clients, your business and your reputation if you don’t know exactly what data you are collecting, why you are collecting it and what you may be doing with it?

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Please know your data.

Our goal is to provide the people of Jersey with the highest standard of data protection, while also preserving their economic interests