The JOIC Publishes Annual Report for 2021

The Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner (JOIC) has published its Annual Report for 2021. It offers an insight into the JOIC’s strategic plan, values and vision to create a culture in Jersey whereby the Island’s citizens understand the importance of protecting their personal data, where privacy essentially becomes instinctive. By doing so, working towards placing Jersey on the international map as a jurisdiction that maintains the highest standards of data protection and a well-regulated, safe place to do business.

As you would expect from an Annual Report, this one provides an overview of the work the JOIC has achieved over the last year including cases, breaches, enforcement audits and its outreach work in the local community. It also provides a whistlestop tour of the JOIC’s structure and observation of the Island’s emerging risks faced by businesses and individuals alike, as well as discussing additional governance around the financials, recruitment and remuneration.

Some key stats that offer an overview of the JOIC’s successes for 2021

  • 6,692 - organisations have registered with the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner
  • 232 - self-reported data breaches investigated
  • 100 - guests attended the ‘Your privacy - a price worth paying?’ debate
  • 44 - sessions delivered to local schools as part of the Young Privacy Ambassador Programme with an outcome that 80% of students confirmed they now understood the value and importance of protecting their personal data.
  • Commended by the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) for Covid-19 guidance.

Recognised for its guidance and response to the COVID pandemic

The JOIC is particularly proud to share the recognition it received from the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) at its international conference in October 2021, where it was recognised for its suite of guidance and its approach and response to the pandemic.  The approach was so widely admired by other European authorities that many have since adopted the approach in their own jurisdictions.

“We’re delighted to publish our latest annual report, for the Island’s community to digest and enjoy,” explained Paul Vane, Information Commissioner at the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner.

“You’ll see from the statistics below that we have been incredibly busy ensuring data privacy and security remains high on the agenda of local organisations and we are delighted to see so many registering with our office and enjoying enhanced support and guidance from our team of professionals to ensure the highest standards of data protection for Islanders is maintained.

Through international collaboration with other data protection authorities, we continue to work hard to raise Jersey’s profile on the global data protection map, embracing innovation to safely develop and implement digital technology, all the while ensuring the personal data businesses collect, is both fair and fit for purpose.

I’m particularly proud of the recognition we have received at the recent Global Privacy Assembly (GPA), an international conference, which recognised our approach to handling data protection regulation during the pandemic. This is a testament to the hard work of our team in delivering our strategic outcome; Achieving and maintaining the highest standard of data protection in Jersey.”

Looking ahead to 2022

Looking ahead to 2022, the JOIC aims to conduct more audits thanks to its continued investment in audit technology, the recruitment of more staff and its ability to upskill its team through additional training. The purpose of these audits will allow the JOIC to achieve and maintain the highest standard of data protection in Jersey.

Equally, our community outreach and educational activities will also continue. In keeping with our strategic outcome; protecting our future generations by putting children first, the JOIC is committed to continuing to host events in Jersey’s local schools to raise awareness of the importance of protecting personal data and equipping the students with tools to help them self-manage their data.

The JOIC has also just published its ‘It’s All About You’ survey for a second year to help measure the Island’s perception of risk should their personal data be lost, misused or mishandled and has used the survey to gauge the overall level of understanding and awareness of individuals’ rights in accordance with the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018. The survey has also sought to confirm the community's overall awareness of the support the JOIC offers to individuals and businesses alike.

Committed to focusing on extending the reach of its valuable messages

The JOIC continues to exert its reach through so many other different guises, including, inviting guest bloggers to discuss privacy themes and its ‘Board Support Squad’ helps Boards and NEDs understand their role in ensuring privacy needs are met in a business. The ‘Let’s Go DPO’ Network is also another great initiative that invites Data Protection Officers and Data Protection Leads to meet and discuss the highs and lows of their role, share experiences and collaborate too.

“We’re incredibly proud of our team of investigators, auditors and outreach support staff who help ensure the Island’s personal data remains protected and our local community are educated in protecting their personal data so the concept becomes instinctive. This Annual Report is testament to the considerable work our team has achieved over the last year,” added Paul Vane.

Read the JOIC Annual Report for 2021