Sarah Moorhouse


Our JOIC Communications team is all about timely, transparent and honest messaging. They listen, decipher, share and deliver the privacy love through various channels.

Sarah is dedicated to teaching others about the importance of protecting your personal information, something she feels strongly about since diving into the world of data protection. She oversees our Young Privacy Ambassador programme and works with Island secondary schools to deliver privacy life skills sessions. Prior to joining the team at JOIC, Sarah worked in local broadcast and print media.

The JOIC Communications team also oversees the JOIC social media channels, creating content and graphics to highlight the work of the office. They also oversee the JOIC's work to promote personal information protection which includes devising impactful advertising campaigns for local television, radio and print media.

The team works closely with the JOIC’s Casework team to understand the real-life stories the office receives and works hard to educate both individuals and organisations on current data protection trends the Island is experiencing, as well as keeping a close eye on national and international privacy themes and events.